Keith Lorren's Caribbean Soul Ebook

Keith Lorren's Caribbean Soul Ebook


This comprehensive cookbook contains all of the Caribbean favorites delivered to you with style, flavor, and sophistication. If you’ve watched Keith’s videos or tried his recipes, you know his cooking and recipes are the real deal!

This comprehensive Ebook is filled with all of Keith’s culinary secrets! Order now and receive a free package of Keith’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning! 

Over 40 perfected recipes!

Main Entrée:

Jamaican Style Curry Chicken
Jamaican Style Curry Goat
Coconut Curried Crab Legs
Coconut Curry Conch Chowder
Jamaican Jerk Paste
Jamaican Style Jerk chicken
Jamaican Style Jerk Pork
Brown stewed chicken
Brown Stewed Snapper
Escovitch Fish
Caribbean Coconut Steamed Fish
Akee & Salt Fish
Sauteed Okra & Salt Fish
Fish Tea (fish soup)
Caribbean style oxtail with butter beans and dumplings
Stew Peas (red bean soup with meat and dumplings)
Pepper Pot Soup

Side Dishes/appetizers:

Jamaican Beef Patties
Jamaican curry chicken patties
Jamaican Plantain tart
Sweet Potato/ Cassava Pudding
Coco bread
Scotch bonnet pepper sauce
Conch Fritters
Cracked conch
Jamaican Pepper Shrimp
Doubles (curried chickpeas with fried dough)
Rice and Peas (rice with red beans and coconut milk)
Pigeon Peas and Rice
Perfect White Rice
Sautéed Callaloo & Crab
Sauteed Cabbage & Carrots
Potato salad
Rum & Raisin Plantains
Roti (buss up shut)
Roti (filled with chick pea flour)
Stamp and Go (cod fish fritters)
Festival (fried dough)
Jamaican Style Spice Bun
Peanut punch
Caribbean Rum Punch
Pina Colada
Ginger beer
Keith’s Pineapple Upside Down cake

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