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Keith Lorren invented cooking!

Keith Lorren is a man with a mission to unite the world through food. He has literally travelled around the world and developed unique, delicious soul food recipes that draw people together around the dinner table. Keith's unique line of seasonings and rubs are hand crafted and low in sodium.

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I'm Keith

This blog is a testament to patience, faith, and perseverance, and through which the world becomes your veritable oyster. Through the hard lesson of determination, we learn how to appreciate that good work creates lasting results. If you live your life cutting against the grain you get the privilege of enriching your’s and other people’s days with excitement. How rewarding is that? I invite you to remember the simple, yet profound lesson from this blog: Follow your bliss.

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    Print Best SuperBowl Hot Wings!   Looking for a ultra crispy flavorful hot wing recipe? Looking to wow your superbowl

  • 01.31.15 Crispy Scotch Bonnet Hot Wings

    Print Scotch Bonnet Hot Wings Author: Keith Lorren Recipe type: Appetizer   Scotch bonnet hot wings using Keith Lorrens scotch bonnet Pepper

  • 01.24.15 Keith Lorren’s Chocolate Lava cake

    Print Keith Lorren’s Chocolate Lava cake Author: Keith Lorren Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 5   I recently took a cruise on the Carnival